Preserved ROSE Verdissimo, two-tone English rose Peony style, DIY

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PRESERVED ROSE , Two-tone white and pastel pink English rose

English roses are essential in any garden worthy of the name. One of the characteristics of the preserved English rose is its interior, which is much more abundant and full of petals than normal roses.

A white rose with a pastel pink gradient, ideal for bringing a touch of romanticism to your compositions.

The preserved roses from Verdissimo are 100% natural, they are stabilized with vegetable glycerin and are therefore 100% Eco-Friendly .

The advantages: Preserved roses require no maintenance, no watering, no special light and do not collect dust!

They keep their freshness and suppleness for several years. Tip: do not expose to the sun or behind glass to keep your creation for a very long time

Dimensions: Diam 5cm x H 4cm
Packaging: Box of 6 heads 

Color : White + light pink

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