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Size: 80

Number of Stems: 3

Natural Peacock Feathers 3 Stems

Highlighted in slender vases or combined with Pampas Grasses in Dames Jeanne, leave them alone in soliflores to highlight their elegance.

Give a unique look to your living room with our Peacock Feathers and their rainbow color is inimitable.

With its pretty colors, the peacock feather can be easily combined, it is a fashionable decorative element. Dare to be original by hanging them directly on the wall above a headboard for example, letting their natural movement operate.

Peacock feathers can be used for many purposes, such as decorating a table centerpiece or adorning a wall; originality is guaranteed !

They go very well with mustard, turquoise, purple, fuchsia, shades of green or even metallic shades. On a table, near a sofa, in an elegant vase, your peacock feathers will take on their full decorative meaning.

Height: 80cm

Material: Natural peacock feathers.

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