Verdissimo Preserved Carnation, X6, Pastel Pink Carnation, DIY

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Carnation Stabilized Verdissimo, X6, Pastel pink carnation

The carnation is a flower native to the Mediterranean shores whose name in Latin is dianthus , which means gift from Zeus . In the language of flowers, the carnation symbolizes love and romance.

It is a very traditional herbaceous plant in the Mediterranean, with linear, narrow, opposite and strongly veined leaves. Each stem forms a very ostentatious flower at the end.

the stabilized Carnation s from Verdissimo is special, it is a two-tone carnation in a gradient of pastel pink and white, stabilized with 100% Eco-Friendly vegetable glycerin.

The preserved carnation can be used in different compositions, both alone and in a bouquet with other varieties.

Dimensions: Diam 5 cm x H 6 cm
Packaging : Box of 6 heads

Color : White + light pink

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