DRIED FLOWERS, Dried IMMORTELLES DU VAR, DIY, Creative hobbies, 3 colors

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Color: Pink

IMMORTELLE DU VAR ​​Pastel Pink - Rare product

The immortelle also called Helychrisum lives up to its name. In Greek helios means sun and chrysos or and that's exactly what this flower looks like.

Immortelle is a plant of Mediterranean origin from the Asteraceae family. The immortelle du Var is a symbolic flower of Provence, which also resembles mimosas for example.

The flowers are small and tight, grouped in flower heads, it is an easy stem to work with.

These colors bring originality to all your floral arrangements and DIY decorations. Perfect for Baby Shower arrangements, Communion crowns and Wedding centerpieces.

Kraft paper packaging. Very solid, it is also ecological and respectful of sustainable development.

Bouquet of approximately 50g

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