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Color: Blue

DELPHINIUM, Dried flowers, blue, pink, Bunch of dried flowers.

The dried pink or blue Delphinium is a pretty, long flower with singular shapes and powdery colors.

Ideal for giving height to your dried flower arrangements and for bringing relief to your creations.

Dried Delphinium goes very well with other dried flowers. Select your dried flowers and assemble them!

Dare to DIY and compose magnificent bouquets , centerpieces, buttonholes or even bracelets... Delphinium will go very well with Immortelle du Var , or even Helichrysum.

Keep your creations for as long as you want, undo them and recompose them to renew your decoration and personalize it to your every desire!

Eco-friendly and eco-friendly Kraft paper packaging.

Colors:blue and pink

80gr boots

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