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** New ** Boutonnieres in dried cherry pink flowers

A wedding cannot be complete without the Groom's Boutonniere and his witnesses, without forgetting the brothers, brothers-in-law and Dads.

We all wish for sunshine for D-Day! and with a Boutonniere made of fresh flowers... um how to put it... a heat stroke and it's over.

Don't panic, a Boutonniere made of dried flowers and preserved flowers from Kitten and Monsieur Ours will hold up perfectly and what's more, it's a gift that lasts over time since it can be kept as a souvenir of the big day.

The Boutonnieres made of dried flowers and preserved flowers from Chaton and Monsieur Ours are made by hand , in our Workshop located near Biarritz in the South-West of France.

It is a pin assembly which is suitable for boys over 8 years old, teenagers and gentlemen. Offer a timeless souvenir with an elegant look. The Groom's Boutonniere and its witnesses are the perfect finishing touch to your big day.

For little boys, we offer magnetic mounting , you can leave instructions at the end of the order