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BOUQUETS of natural dried flowers

Bouquets of dried flowers made by hand in our workshop located near Biarritz.

We select the most beautiful dried flowers to create unique and elegant arrangements. Whether for a special occasion, a thoughtful gift or simply to bring a touch of nature to your interior, our bouquets will delight lovers of the ephemeral beauty of dried flowers


Drawing on the richness of the surrounding nature of Biarritz, our workshop draws inspiration from varied colors and textures to design bouquets that evoke the softness and poetry of the seasons.

Each bouquet is an invitation to contemplation and appreciation of the splendor of dried flowers, which retain all their grace and timeless charm. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a piece of nature immortalized in a bouquet that will illuminate your daily life with its natural and delicate beauty.

We are proud to perpetuate the art of floral arranging through our bouquets of dried flowers made with love and delicacy. By choosing our creations, you are opting for unique and authentic pieces, imbued with our passion and know-how.


Let yourself be seduced by the magic of dried flowers and discover the subtle harmony of shapes and colors in each of our bouquets, designed to amaze and delight your senses.
Tip: for a reception or wedding, you can use our bouquets in. vases or cut them to make arrangements just by adding fresh greenery picked from your garden.
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Joy Dried Flower Bouquet - New 4 Colors

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