Hello ! Hello ! The sun is coming back little by little to warm us up. Did you understand that? Every adventure begins with the word: Yes!

Wedding Season is back and it promises to be UNFORGETTABLE! there is no doubt.

We offer you two solutions:


Creating Crowns, Bracelets, Boutonnieres and even Combs has never been easier. Choosing a box means choosing a moment of laughter to share with your Bridal Team.

Do you want additional colors? Nothing could be simpler, look at our Dried Flowers at the Boot and add the colors you want


To discover, very pretty, neat and trendy creations

We choose exceptional dried flowers because you deserve it! What could be better than pretty dried flowers (Bloom-Broom, Lagurius, Phalaris, Ixodia, Immortelles, Lavender, Flax, Oat and many others.....

We only have one thing to tell you, marriage is the desire of two to create something unique and Team KITTLE AND Mister Bear is your ally.